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"I have finally found a form of exercise that I actually enjoy with TransformHers bootcamps. I have almost dropped a whole pant size (a lot of my clothes are too big now!) and feel great after each session. It also gives me an opportunity to get outdoors more during the week which doesn't normally happen with my usual work routine."
Lee-Anne Holmes-Theron
"Never before have I enjoyed my training sessions. I have been with TransformHERS for two months and will be signing up again for the next camp. Training with Ru is such a pleasure, I'm already seeing a difference -still a long way to go but I will get there. "
Thandi Mpanza
"Thank you for getting me back into exercise. I had not done formal exercise for about 10 years, so what a shock to the system to get straight into it. I really enjoy the sessions even though they were tough and hard. I have felt a significant difference in the tone of my body and was pleased to see my progress at the end of the programme. I am even craving exercise and do long walks and specific body training (learnt in the sessions) everyday. "
Kirsten Davids
"I really enjoyed my experience at TransformHERS. It was awesome, tough at times, but so much fun. Our trainer Sibi was great and nice to meet new people! Would recommend it to anyone wanting a great work out and have a laugh!"
Chantel Van Deventer

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Blog - latest entries

Eating to feed your skin

posted by TransformHERS on 21 Nov 13, 12:56

Healthy fats play an important role in healthy skin. Omegas-3 is a natural anti-inflammatory which calms irritated and inflamed skin from dry environments common in winter. Foods high in healthy fats ...

Categories: Health

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What NOT to do if you want to ignite your body's own fat burning furnace...

posted by TransformHERS on 08 Oct 13, 22:24

Doing isolated exercises like bicep curls and tricep kick-backs will NOT get you any significant results. These one-muscle-at-a-time moves simply don't stimulate enough muscle fibers to build lean mus...

Categories: Fitness

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iTransform Challenge #3 Sept13

posted by TransformHERS on 05 Sep 13, 21:53

We are excited to have you on board and look forward to sharing this journey of a complete lifestyle change with you. The road ahead will be very rewarding: you will notice changes in your body shape,...

Categories: iTransform Challenge

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Starting a fitness programme

posted by TransformHERS on 02 Aug 13, 08:26

Starting a fitness programme doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you are armed with the proper tools to get things rolling. Once you’ve committed to getting in shape, there are several things you can...

Categories: Fitness, TransformHERS Bootcamp

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Benefits of Yoga - Why Yoga Exercise is Good for You

posted by TransformHERS on 18 Jul 13, 21:32

oga aimed to unite the mind, the body, and the spirit. Yogis view that the mind and the body are one, and that if it is given the right yoga kit and tools and taken to the right environment, it can fi...

Categories: Health, Fitness

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Why Body Weight Exercises at TransformHERS?

posted by TransformHERS on 10 May 13, 15:37

Super-efficient workouts. Research suggests high-output, bodyweight-based exercises such as plyometrics yield awesome fitness gains in very short workout durations. Since there’s no equipment involved...

Categories: Health, Fitness

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Dressing for your Winter Workout at TransformHERS

posted by TransformHERS on 25 Apr 13, 14:33

Don't abandon your bootcamp sessions in winter, its all about dressing appropriately so you enjoy your workout and stay fit and trim during the winter months....

Categories: Health, Fitness, TransformHERS Bootcamp

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What to eat/drink before, during and after your TransformHERS bootcamp session

posted by TransformHERS on 16 Apr 13, 12:05

Fueling exercise requires quality carbohydrates, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fluids. Your muscles rely on carbohydrate foods like breads, cereals, pasta, rice, fruits, and vegetables for a q...

Categories: Health, Fitness

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Dietary weapons agains cold & flu this winter

posted by TransformHERS on 09 Apr 13, 10:30

Sniffles and sneezes are already in full swing wherever you go. Do protect yourself and your family this winter by adding some immunity boosting and flu-fighting ingredients to your diet. ...

Categories: Health

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The Corporate Bootcamp Challenge

posted by TransformHERS on 05 Apr 13, 10:30

The workplace has a powerful effect on people’s health. The Corporate Bootcamp Challenge provides a fitness programme composed of challenging yet fun one hour workouts at their office premises or at ...

Categories: Health

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